Sunday shorts

Today we start what we hope will be a regular blog post on some of our favourite places to explore and camp around this beautiful country of ours.

For our first ‘Sunday shorts’ post we are starting off very close to home for us. A short few hours west of Sydney, just over the beautiful sandstone escarpment of the Blue Mountains lies the Central Tablelands of NSW. And just up the road, literally from the ‘Mountain Shack Farm’ is a place packed full of history, adventure and numerous serene riverside camps to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday. We count ourselves very lucky to have this in our very own backyard. We are of course talking about the historic Bridle Track along with the former gold mining villages of Hill End and Sofala. A visit to either of these quaint villages is like a step back in time and you will be looking for your horse and buggy not the 4WD to head off in. We have had artilcles published on this area and it features in some of our previous posts as well as in a couple of our ebooks. Even with all this we just wanted to mention this very special place again and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out the we urge you to consider this scenic, historic  and relaxing place on your next weekend sojourn.

bridle 1
Traveling the Bridle Track today in a 4wd is a far cry from the many hopeful miners that trudged this path during the 1800s gold rush days.
bridle 2
Sections of the original Bridle Trail can still be seen today along the Bridle Track. Amazing and beautiful.
bridle 4
One of the many superb riverside campsites. The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle.
bridle 3
Mining relics can still be found today scattered along the track, like this battery stamper.
bridle 6
Although the full length of the Bridle Track can no longer be traversed it is still possible to access the majority of the track and its riverside campsites from either Hill End or Bathurst.
bridle 5
Taking in the magnificent vistas over the Turon River Valley from one of the lookouts just outside the historic village of Hill End.

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