Memories of a bygone era – Newnes

We have been revisiting some amazing and interesting haunts close to home that are a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the big smoke for a weekend or longer. Lying on the western fringe of the famed Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney and slowly being reclaimed by nature is the once bustling industrial site of Newnesnewnes ruins 3

hidden deep within the Wolgan Valley and on the banks of the picturesque Wolgan River.  IMG_2378newnes crossing

Newnes was once a thriving Oil Shale mining and refinement town that came to prominence during the early 1900s, its primary goal being the production of crude oil, paraffin wax and kerosene. The remnants of this once large scale operation is now protected within Wollemi National Park although it is being slowly reclaimed by nature. newnes coke ovensnewnes ruins 2newnes ruins

We have been to Newnes on numerous occasions and each time it never ceases to amaze us and we always mange to find something new and interesting among the ruins. The walk around the ruins is an easy grade and gives you plenty of time to soak up its fascinating history. Camping is also permitted with several sites available.newnes camp

Newnes can be a busy place on weekends and during holiday times and with bookings not taken for campsites it pays to arrive early if visiting during these times. If you are looking for a quick getaway or are passing through the area we highly recommend a visit here, you definitely will not be disappointed.

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