Sunday Shorts

Welcome to another edition of our Sunday Shorts where we take a short snippet from somewhere around this great country of our that we have found to be inspiring and hopefully inspire you to explore near and far as often as you can. There is adventure around every corner.

Today we though we would wander down memory lane to a place that we have not been to in some time but is well and truly on our return to soon list. And with the weather warming up and tracks beginning to reopen down south, yes we are talking about the magnificent High Country and today the area particularly around Mount Stirling, a wonderful and popular spot.

The iconic Craig’s Hut, still in its rebuild stage many years ago.
This is the view from behind Bindaree Falls, just up the road from Craig’s Hut
Crossing the Howqua River near Bindaree Falls
The quaint and charming Bindaree Hut


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