Waterfall Wednesday & Hump Day Huts

Welcome to another edition of Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts, some travel inspiration to get you through another working week. Today our inspiration comes to you from one of our favorite travel destinations in the country, the always beautiful Snowy Mountains of NSW. And with the warmer weather on its way there is no better time to start planning your trip to this magnificent region. We will be focusing on this region and the just as beautiful Victorian High Country in the coming weeks.

Our waterfall this week is Landers Falls located not far off the Snowy Mountains Highway in the northern section of Kosciuszko National Park.waterfall wed

For our Hump Day Hut we head just a little further up the road and onto Long Plain Road for Long Plain Hut, also a top camping spot.hump day hut.JPG

We hope this has given you some inspiration to hit the road and find your perfect touring and camping destination.

Happy and safe travels

Chris & Sandra

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