Focus Destination

Welcome to our first edition of Focus Destination where we take a quick focused look at some of the amazing and awe inspiring destinations to be found. With the weather warming up today we take a look at a spot deep within the wonderful Victorian High Country centered around the village of Swifts Creek. There is just so much to see and do here.

Located high up in the forest outside of Swifts Creek is a poignant reminder of the special bond that man’s best friend has, especially out here in the bush by way of Dog’s Grave. A surreal and moving place to visit.IMG_0193 copy.jpg

The rusting remains of King Cassilis Mine that was operational during the early 1900s and is now within the Cassilis Historic Area. This is great spot to stroll around and explore the ruins.IMG_0222 copy copy

Further east of Cassilis high up in the mountain ranges are the rusting remains of the Washington Steam Winch, that was once used to haul timber logs up the steep incline of the mountains. IMG_0245 copy4 copy.jpg

IMG_0240 copy
An information board near the Washington Winch tells the story of this historic machine

We hope you find some inspiration here to head off on your own High Country Adventure as soon as you can. We know we will be.

Happy and safe travels

Chris & Sandra

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