Sunday Shorts

Today for our Sunday Shorts we are sticking with the beautiful and enchanting Victorian High Country. Just outside of and easily accessible from the quaint town of Omeo lies the remains of what was once touted as the largest gold sluicing operation in the world. The Oriental Claims Historic Site was operated by the Oriental Company from the late 1800s to the early 1900s and is now protected within the historic site. A wander around this historically significant site is a must and there are informative signs that tell the story.IMG_0074.jpg

Views from a lookout at the Historic Site encapsulate Omeo in the valley below.

A little further up the Great Alpine Road is another site well worth a look. The unassuming Victoria Falls was the site of the first Hydro-Electric Scheme in Victoria although not much remains here today.

The unassuming Victoria Falls
Prior to reaching the falls a lovely picnic and camping area awaits

Both these sites are easily accessible along the sealed Great Alpine Road west of Omeo and we highly recommend a visit when in these parts.

Happy and safe travels

Chris & Sandra

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