Then and Now

In today’s installment of Then and Now we take a brief look at our particular camping setup over our many years of wandering this great country of ours. Surprisingly enough our trusty Shippshape Rooftop Tent has been with us from the beginning of our camping adventures and although we have used normal tents and swags over the years by far our most favored home away from home is the Shippshape.

The good old Shippshape on one our first camping adventures mounted to canopy of our trusty steed for many years, our Rodeo.

Looking back probably the main changes we have made apart from several changes in vehicles has been we are now better organised with our gear and what we need to take and not take. Although we still carry a shower tent we rarely get it out these days. As we have been and are on the road for up to several months at a time our setup works really well for us. All in all though looking back not much has changed.IMG_1463

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