Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts

Welcome to this weeks instalment of  Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts. This week for our Waterfall we take a look at Tjaynera (Sandy Creek) Falls in Litchfield National Park up in the amazing Northern Territory. Located in the more remote southern section of the park and accessed along the 4WD only Reynolds River Track it escapes the crowds that its more northerly cousins attract and for this feature alone never mind its stunning beauty it is one of our favourite falls in Litchfield.IMG_0435_HDRlr

For our Hut today we head to the other end of the country and the beautiful Eyre Peninsula near the township of Minnipa and the large rocky outcrop of Tcharkuldu Rock. Tcharkuldu Hut sits at the base of this giant monolith. Built around 1915 as accommodation for workmen building the dam for the towns water supply.IMG_0497LR.jpg

Happy and safe travels

Chris & Sandra

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