Sunday Shorts

Welcome back to Sunday Shorts. With the warm weather upon us we thought we would take a look at the enchanting Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. It is no secret this is one of our favoured touring and camping destinations in the country and once the snow melts there is just so much to explore down here you could easily spend all summer taking in new sights and vistas and never be bored. Is there anything better than rolling out the swag or setting up camp in the crisp clear mountains often beside a bubbling brook, we don’t think so.

Beautiful camping at Island Bend, Kosciuszko National Park

Not far from Island Bend is the stunning high altitude ski village of Guthega. There are a couple delightful high country walks from here that take in some of this areas outstanding natural beauty.

The Illawang Walk from Guthega Village with Illawaong Lodge in the background

A walking track departs Kosciuszko Road near Perisher Village not far from Guthega Road and meanders through alpine grasslands and snow gum forest to the beautiful Rainbow Lake, one of those hidden gems of this area.

The serene waters of Rainbow Lake are worth the short walk.

At the end of Kosciuszko Road the ski resort village of Charlotte Pass can be found. Sitting above the resort village and accessed via a short walking track the remains of Australia’s second oldest mechanical ski lift known as “The Hoist”.

The Hoist is well worth the short climb from Charlotte Pass

Also at Charlotte Pass a popular boardwalk known as Snowgums give impressive views over the stunning New South Wales Main Range.

The snow clad Main Range of New South Wales from the Snowgums Boardwalk

For the fit and energetic the hike to the roof of Australia, Mount Kosciszko is a must. This can either be achieved from Charlotte Pass (18km) or a shorter option (12km) from the top of the chairlift at Thredbo. Either way you will not be disappointed by the views awaiting you at the summit, they are simply breathtaking.

Breathtaking views from the summit of Mount Kosciszko


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