Sunday Shorts

Welcome back to our Sunday Shorts series of posts where we take a quick snippet from somewhere around this beautiful country of ours to hopefully inspire your next adventure. With us all stuck in isolation at the moment we thought we would start up these regular posts once again along with our Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts series to give you some ideas for when it is safe once again for us all to hit the road on our next adventure. No one has said we can’t keep planning for when things return to a bit of normality. Today we are taking a look at wonderful Victoria. It is no secret that this small southern state is one of our favourites to explore, in particular in and around the stunning High Country. Today we are looking back at Mount Samaria State Park located just north of Mansfield in the states north east.

High up in the ranges here there are magnificent views across to the alps and incredible remnants of the areas logging past including remains of an historic sawmill.

The remains ofMount Samaria Sawmill
Remnants of the areas logging past can be found throughout the area
Stunning views from the top of the range at Rocky Point Lookout

Looking to spend the night here ? then there are several camping areas to choose from, two being vehicle accessible. One is at the top of the range near the saw mill ruins while the other is at the base of the range next to a delightful creek.

Camping at the base of the mountain beside a delightful creek.

If you are looking for a night or two surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of The Australian bush with a bit of history and beautiful scenery then Mount Samaria should definitely be on your radar.


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