Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts

Welcome to this weeks edition of Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts. Today we are taking a look at the sunshine state, Queensland. Our waterfall comes from the scenic rim region near the impressive Condamine Gorge. Browns Falls is found in a secluded natural amphitheatre with sheer cliffs becoming a beautiful backdrop to these inspiring falls. It is a bit of a scramble up the bank of the creek to get there but what waits at the end is more than worth the effort. There are several awe inspiring waterfalls within close proximity here including the famed Queen Mary Falls.


Staying in Queensland our hut today comes from Central Queensland and is located on a quiet back country road on the way to the appealing Mount Moffatt Section of the incredible Carnarvon National Park. This park is a gem to explore with a 4wd vehicle and you never know what you may find when travelling these quiet backroads such as this perfect example of an historic slab hut.

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts. We hope this helps to get you through another week and gives some inspiration for your next adventure in the backlogs of our wonderful country when we are able to head bush once again. Our next Sunday Shorts we will take a look at the incredible Mount Moffatt Section of Carnarvon National Park, it is certainly one of our favourite spots to explore in this beautiful region of Queensland.

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