Sunday Shorts

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Shorts. Following on from our Waterfall Wednesday and Hump Day Huts this week we are taking a brief look at the Mount Moffatt Section of Carnarvon National Park in central Queensland. This remote park is located around 160km north of Injune and to the west of the popular Carnarvon Gorge Section of the national park. Although 2wd vehicle’s can access a very small section of the park a 4wd is considered essential to fully explore this natural wonderland. Sitting on the Consuelo Tableland Mount Moffatt affords some spectacular vistas with a 4wd journey up the escarpment visiting sites including Rotary Shelter, Top Moffatt and the delightful Mahogany Forest a must.

A 4wd vehicle is the preferred mode of transport to fully explore the park
Rotary Shelter picnic and camping area high up the escarpment
Views from Top Shelter are incredible
The delightful Mahogany Forest

Down on the plains there a variety of impressive Sandstone formations that will captivate including such named features as Lot’s wife, Marlong Arch and The Chimneys to name but a few.

Stunning Lot’s Wife
The mesmerising Marlong Arch
The captivating Chimneys

With its rich cultural past there are also sites that will intrigue including “The Tombs”, an ancient Aboriginal Burial Site within the cliffs and important Indigenous Rock Art also at The Tombs and Kookaburra Cave.

The intriguing Tombs
Beautiful Rock Art adorns the sandstone overhangs

Wanting to spend a night or two out here in splendid isolation then there are several camping areas to choose from, most with basic facilities however the awe inspiring vistas, history and captivating serenity will make you forget the creature comforts in a heartbeat. Wildlife out here is also abundant and there is nothing  better than sitting back on a cool evening with hot cup of tea in hand as day to turns to night, the sights, sounds and smells of the Australian bush coming to life.

Camping in Mount Moffatt is a serene experience

If you are planning a visit to Mount Moffatt just make sure you are fully self sufficient and have enough fuel to fully explore this amazing park, it is at least 160km to and from your nearest fuel supplies at Injune.

If you would like to see a little more about not only Mount Moffatt but also the popular Carnarvon Gorge Section of Carnarvon National Park feel free to take a look at our Images of Carnarvon free ebook available for download from our website, link provided below.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks edition of Sunday Shorts. Join us next time as we delve into another fascinating and beautiful area of our wonderful country.

Chris and Sandra

Mountain Shack Travels

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