Sunday Shorts – Top End

Hi and welcome to another edition of Sunday Shorts. This week we are taking a look at a national park in the Northern Territory that may not be as well known or popular as Kakadu or Litchfield but has an outstanding array of natural attractions and is that bit off the tourist hub to make it that bit more appealing. Litchfield National Park lies in the Gulf Region about 275km mouths east of Katherine. From ancient Aboriginal petroglyphs to crocodile inhabited estuaries and incredible rock formations, Limmen is one off those destinations that may not have been on your radar but once you have visited you will want to return again and again. It is a beautiful and inspiring place and one that we cannot highly en ought recommend.


The enchanting Southern Lost city is a highlight of Limmen and one that will leave you inspired for years to come.

Limmen National Park certainly is a gem in the Territory and in Gulf Country and one that we can. highly recommend adding to your itinerary when you are next up that way.


Happy and safe travel planning

Chris and Sandra

Mountain Shack Travels

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