Time to Reminisce 12 – Weekend Escape 2, Central West NSW

Rounding out our weekend trips for 2008 was another jaunt to the region of our future home, Central Western NSW. This time we were focusing around the Orange area and although once again the weather was not to be in our favour we were determined that our adventurous spirit would not be dampened. Located on the outskirts of Orange the imposing peak of Mount Canobolas can be found. Along the way we had a quick stop at Lake Canobolas to view the release of water over the impressive Dam Wall, a sight to behold.

Lake Canobolas spilling over, a sight to behold

Standing sentinel over town it is a favoured recreation spot for locals and visitors alike, ourselves being no exception. As we motored to the summit the drizzle that had commenced earlier down in town started turning to white flakes and buy the time we were at its summit which is over 1300 metres we were greeted by a winter wonderland.

Enjoying the winter wonderland of Mount Canobolas

After enjoying the white fluffy stuff we decided to embark on one of the many walks on offer here and headed for the stunning Federal Falls. Since there had been plenty of localised rainfall of late the falls were at their best and well worth the hour or so walk. Unfortunately one of us (Chris) decided we would take a scenic way back to the car after viewing the falls and much later after following a few animal tracks up the side of the mountain we emerged onto a road which we were hoping would lead back to where we had left the car.

Approaching the stunning Federal Falls
Federal Falls in all its glory
Does this lead back to the car ?, beautiful scenery though

After exploring around Mount Canobolas Summit we made the decision to head back down the mountain for our campsite for the night as weather was still not looking all that promising. We did manage however to find a great albeit a bit damp camp spot in the adjoining state forest all to ourselves.

Even a rainbow was visible from our camp spot
Our camp spot in Canobolas State Forest

Next morning it was time to find some better weather for our second night’s camp. Off we went in search through the Central Tablelands and did we find a cracker. Located just outside the historic village of Carcoar perched on a beautiful setting is Carcoar Dam. Pulling in late we were treated to a stunning sunset and were more than chuffed with our decision. However, through the night the wind had really picked up and there was more than a few moments when we thought we would be lifted off the roof. We even got up at one point to take down one of our awnings before we did a Mary Poppins.

Our “serene” camp for the night at Carcoar Dam
We were treated to a stunning sunset over the dam

Next morning whilst we were having breakfast a local drove past asking us how we had enjoyed our night. After explaining it had been a bit windy through the night he described how one night he had camped here and through the night tents had been ripped apart and even a caravan had been moved off a cement pad down near the waters edge. I guess we had survived fairly well and the telling sign should have been the wind farm on the opposite side of the dam.

The wind farm on the opposite bank at Carcoar Dam
Carcoar Dam Wall
Pristine waters of Carcoar Dam

Once again it was all too soon time to pack up and head back to reality as another weekend drew to a close, however it was not long before we were back out again to explore more of our beautiful country. Join us next time on our Time to Reminisce series as we draw to a close 2008 with a pre Christmas trip to one of our all time favourite touring destinations, the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas in South Australia to do some Field Research for our friends over at Boiling Billy Publications on one of their Camping Guide Books. You won’t want to miss this one.

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