Time to reminisce 13 – South Australia Expedition Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of our Time to reminisce South Australia Expedition. Grab a cuppa and strap yourselves in for a whirlwind trip of part of this magical state. Way back in December 2008 we were asked by Boiling Billy Publications to assist in doing some field research updating their popular Camping Guide Book Series. This was to update the South Australian guide with us focusing on the Yorke and Eyre Peninsular’s over a two week period (as we only had a couple weeks off from our “day jobs”). We had been to both these areas on previous trips and loved the area so had an idea of the territory we would be covering, however this would be a “work” trip so no relaxing this time.

Heading off from our base in the Blue Mountains we motored towards South Australia to begin this epic adventure. Our task was to visit all of the known camping areas (or as many as possible) within both these areas, update directions to and from each individual camp ground as well as record GPS waypoints and photograph each site. A mammoth undertaking for just a two week period. We had decided we would spend a week on the Yorke Peninsula then head across to the Eyre for the final week. Our first night’s camp was just outside the township of Euston not far from the South Australian Border on the bank of the mighty Murray River, not a bad start.

Our serene camp in Euston State Forest on the bank of the Murray River

We continued to follow the Murray River into South Australia calling into some beautiful spots including Maize Island, Morook Game Reserve, Loch Luna Game Reserve and sections of the Murray River National Park.

Morning tea break at Moorook Game Reserve

The first port of call for our field research was in the Mid North Section of the state as we pulled into the Burra Gorge on the outskirts of the township of Burra.

Cuppa break at Burra Gorge Campground
Burra Gorge, a short stroll from the camping area

After taking a few photos and writing up our notes we headed around to Redbank Conservation Park and Mallee Campground for the night.

Our camp at Mallee in Redbank Conservation Park
Our campsite visitor at Redbank

Up early the next morning we were back on the road and after checking out several other campgrounds in the Mid North we were again motoring towards the Yorke Peninsula.

The Yorke Peninsula lies only about an hour away from Adelaide and has well over 500km of beautiful coastline, it is a magical spot. Hitting the ground running we ventured down the east coast of the Yorke Peninsula.

Troubridge Hill Lighthouse, Yorke Peninsula
Views from Troubridge Hill
Meandering the coastline along the Yorke Peninsula is an exhilarating experience. Exploring the beautiful Kemp Bay.
Taking in views from Mozzie Flat, one of the Yorke Peninsula Reserves
Yet even more beautiful coastal scenery, this time at Sturt Bay
Discovering ruins near Foul Bay

Continuing on our predominantly coastal tour of the stunning Yorke Peninsula we came across Hillocks Drive at Butlers Beach. This is a stunning camping area located right on the crystal clear waters of the coast with a number of bush campsites to choose from.

The entrance to Hillocks Drive Bush Camping

Located at the very tip of the Yorke Peninsula is Innes National Park. Along with the amazing coastal scenery along Spencer Gulf there are lighthouses to explore and even an historic abandoned town that you can now stay in for a night or two. Inneston was established in the early 1900s during the areas Gypsum Mining boom with a population of around 200 during its heyday. Today it is a beautiful historic spot to spend a night or two in one of a number of restored buildings.

Even camping in Innes National Park is a serene experience
Stunning Spencer Gulf
Cape Spencer Lighthouse with Althorpe Island in the background
West Cape Lighthouse

Moving on from Innes National Park it was time to find a few more stunning coastal campsites up the west coast of the Yorke Peninsula, and it did not disappoint.

Cuppa break on the coast at Gleesons Landing
Swincer Rocks, Yorke Peninsula Reserve
Corny Point Lighthouse
Another amazing camp spot on the Yorke Peninsula, this one at The Bamboos

Our week along the Yorke Peninsula had too soon come to an end and it was time to head further west onto the wild and remote Eyre Peninsula in search of more amazing camp spots. This being one of our favourite touring destinations in the state, join us next time as we discover what the incredible Eyre Peninsula has to offer the humble camper.

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