Gear we use

Disclaimer: We are in no way connected to or sponsored by these companies listed below nor do we receive any endorsements to promote their products. This is just a list of some of the ‘Gear we use’ and what we have found to be great products that make traveling this vast country not only safer but more comfortable and enjoyable.

We use RFI antennas for both mobile phone and uhf which work exceptionally well. We have had them for many years and to date have not had a single issue. We highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for either a UHF or mobile phone antenna.

We have been using a GME uhf cb for many years and found them to be ruggedly built and perform well. We also carry a GME EPIRB on our more remote travels. To date both these units have performed faultlessly and we can definitely recommend the GME brand.

We have used a  CODAN NGT HF Radio with auto tuning antenna for a few years now and have found these particular units very reliable and easy to operate. Whilst in remote areas we are members of and use the VKS737 HF NETWORK. This is a fantastic service provided by volunteers with radio bases throughout Australia and is well worth signing up for if you are doing remote outback travel. We usually perform field research alone and find this service indispensable.

As well as carrying an EPIRB and HF Radio we also carry an IRIDIUM Satellite phone on our more remote travels. This not only is a back up to the HF but also makes it easier for family and friends to stay in contact whilst out in our wonderful remote regions. Our access to the satellite network is via Pivotel which we have found to be the most cost effective that suits our needs. With Pivotel you get a regular mobile phone number and family or friends calling you on the satellite network only pay for a standard mobile phone call from their land line.

We are currently using a SHIPPSHAPE ROOFTOP TENT of which we have had for over 10 years and absolutely love it. To date we have had no issues with it having had fairly extensive usage and although from time to time we alternate between the rooftop, a swag and normal ground tents we by far prefer the Shippshape.

The  BIJI BARBI is a great Australian made product we use and wouldn’t hit the road without it. It is tough, durable, easy to use, comes in two sizes and even has it’s own canvas bag.

 We currently use the HEMA NAVIGATOR HN6 whilst out in the field with not only the full range of Topographic maps loaded but also the HEMA map range. We find it indispensable when navigating around the country and keeping a track of our travels. It can also be useful used as street navigation around the cities.
 We also use a range of HEMA paper maps for both trip planning and whilst on the road. We find these range of maps suit our type of travel and we are safe in the knowledge that this range of maps is physically field checked by the  crew at HEMA maps.
We have been running a DIESEL CARE secondary fuel filter in the cruiser for a while now and the peace of mind that it provides has more than payed for it. If you do a lot of outback and remote area travel then we can’t highly enough recommend the installation of a secondary fuel filter to protect your very valuable asset. If you too are looking at installing one of these you really can’t go past the Diesel Care line of products.
Our dual battery systems over the years have always been taken care of with a REDARC system and our setup with the cruiser is no exception. Australian made we have found them to be robust unit and although we had issues with the current system (we were lucky enough to have a faulty unit) that has now been replaced and our dual battery system is working as it should. We also run a Redarc Solar Blanket which we have found very useful.

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