Ebooks – Nature Escapes Series

Welcome to our growing “Nature Escapes” Ebooks series. These publications are aimed at everyday travellers who, like ourselves enjoy getting off the beaten track and into the amazing and scenic areas scattered throughout this wonderful country of ours. We have had the privilege to explore far and wide across Australia over many years so if you are in need of some inspiration on where to head and what you will find when you get there we hope our “Nature Escapes” will assist you. These guides are by no means the only places in these regions and at times it was extremely difficult to cull the list of potential places to visit. We have endeavoured to include some our favourites in the hope it will wet the appetite and enable you to find your perfect “Nature Escape” away from the maddening crowds and unplug for a day or two or longer. Be sure to check back regularly as we will be adding more to this series as time goes by. We also have a “coming later in the year” section at the bottom of this page.

We thank you for your interest and support.

Chris & Sandra

Available now for purchase and download.

Coming later in the year.